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After entries are submitted, a panel of judges will begin a thorough judging process.

Jurors include members of the ‘PR Decoded: Purpose Principles’ Conference Board, senior PR professionals from agency, corporate, nonprofit, and government teams. Judges will be chosen because of their professional and wide-ranging level of expertise in the area of purpose, communications and corporate reputation.

Any juror who has a potential conflict of interest, including, but not restricted to, working for an agency that submitted that campaign and/or being involved with any aspect of the project, will not be allowed to judge that entry.

All jurors will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement that bans them from disclosing information from entry submissions.

Judges do not discuss their individual scores with anyone – not even each other. As such, the winners are not known until Awards night itself. Only the highest-scoring entries will be awarded a winner. Note: This may mean that certain categories will not have a winner.