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Recent years have seen purpose and cause marketing move from being a niche activity to a fundamental underpinning of corporate strategy among major corporations and brands, reaching near ubiquity in some industries. Old-style CSR has largely been replaced by a desire to add a bigger purpose at the heart of organizations in a truly authentic manner. At the same time, this has led to an increase in “purpose-washing” and inauthentic activations aimed at box-ticking and achieving short-term gain.

Against this backdrop, PRWeek U.S. is launching The Purpose Awards to recognize activations that use creative ideas to further positive causes and also to acknowledge the organizations and individuals behind them.

The Awards are open to agencies, brands, public sector bodies, nonprofits and NGOs. As consumers and potential staffers increasingly insist on brands they engage with and organizations they work for communicating what they believe in and standing up publicly for those values, winning a Purpose Award is the perfect way to demonstrate your organization’s authenticity in this crucial area.

The awards will take place October 16, 2019 in Chicago.